Can You Sell Your House in 7 Days in Sacramento?

You just got a job in Chicago and you start in two weeks. Congrats! But what about your house? If you need the equity from your Sacramento home to buy one in another city, renting out the property is not on the table. In a perfect world you could sell your house in 7 days, call in the movers, and be on your way to the Windy City. But is it possible?

In a hot market, many homes receive attractive offers in just a few days, followed by escrow. While you may not close within a week, you can certainly sell it that fast on the open market if you’re a smart seller. And there is at least one way to close within 7 days! Read on to learn how to sell your home fast in Sacramento and the surrounding area.

Listing at the Right Time

According to HomeLight, the best month to list your home in Sacramento is July. The average home is only on the market for 6 days! If you can control when you list (maybe you need to be out by September but have some wiggle room), choose to list in July. The slowest month for sales in January. You’re going to have a hard time if you want to sell your home in 7 days during a down market. When there simply aren’t a lot of eager buyers on the hunt — even a great property may sit for a while.

Pricing Aggressively

You don’t want to underestimate the value of your property, but you also don’t want to price it super high if you need to move fast. Buyers are savvy, can compare the home to similar properties, and will get an assessment done. An aggressively high asking price will leave your home on the market for weeks in many markets. One caveat: In a seller’s market, you can often get away with higher pricing. But even then, it’s wise to price fairly and let buyer’s bid over asking as they see fit.

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

Who’s gonna bid on your property if they don’t know it’s for sale? Only the people who drive by the For Sale sign, we guess. You can sell your house faster if you make sure it’s not only on the MLS, but also spread via word of mouth, community message boards, yard signs, and other marketing tactics. Talk to an agent who specifically has experience in your zip code. These agents will know how best to target buyers for homes like yours in your neighborhood.

Working with an All-Cash Buyer

If your home needs some work, or you’re trying to get rid of an inherited property, another way to sell your house in 7 days is by working with an all-cash buyer. Companies like California Family Homebuyers purchase Sacramento area homes lots of different conditions. Bad plumbing, outdated cabinets, etc. — not a problem. We also don’t require an escrow, so there are times when we can close on a new property in just a week.

Are you trying to sell your home in 7 days? Give us a call! If you have a home you don’t have time to list on MLS or can’t afford the necessary repairs, we may be able to help.

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