Listing Your Home? How to Declutter Each Room

So, you want to sell your home? You can successfully list your home for 3-5% more if you have a cleared out, decluttered property. Fair or not, potential buyers just have a hard time seeing themselves in your home if you have piles of laundry in the corner or bags of recycling sitting out. But … Continued

How to Calculate Home Equity

Knowing when to sell your home is a tricky business. One major factor, perhaps the most important factor, is timing the sale to maximize your equity. What does that mean? You don’t want to sell your home in July if it could be worth more in December (during which time you’ll also pay down your … Continued

What to Know About Spring Floods and Your Home

Spring showers are around the corner. Are you ready? Even if you don’t exactly live in a flood plain, you might be surprised at how quickly moisture can create serious damage in your property. In colder temperatures, snow melting combines with spring shower to create conditions that are prime for basement flooding and other issues. … Continued

How Long Does It Take to Sell a House?

You’ve decided to move out of your Sacramento home. Should you start looking for your new abode now, or wait until you’ve got some nibbles on your current property? And how long does it take to sell a house, anyway? While the amount of time your home sits on the market depends on a lot … Continued

What is Escrow? Understanding Escrow Accounts for Home Sales

If you’ve ever bought or sold real estate (or even thought about it), you’ve probably heard to term “escrow.” But what is escrow? For many home buyers and sellers, it’s a vague financial concept. In reality, escrow is a helpful part of many traditional home sales. It keeps money secure during the transition from one … Continued

Selling a House with Foundation Issues: What to Know

You’ve heard about cracked foundations, but that could never happen to you, right? The bad news is that foundation issues often creep up over time and take you by surprise. By the time you notice a diagonal crack or other visual sign of foundation issues — you’re in deep. The foundation isn’t the part of … Continued

7 Causes of Roof Leaks (And How to Fix Them)

Is there anything worse than being tucked into bed, snug as a bug, and then hearing water dripping somewhere nearby? You check the bathroom sinks to get rid of the annoying noise, but it’s worse than you feared: you have a roof leak. Not only do roof leak issues put your home’s furniture, flooring, and … Continued

7 Tips for Selling Your Home in 2020

If you’ve got a “New Year, New Home” attitude, listen up. Selling a house in 2020 comes with some specific advantages and challenges. Between the current mortgage rates, most likely buyers, and popular amenities, you may need to adjust your strategy from the last time you sold a property. If you’re selling your first home, … Continued

What Can You Do When Your House is Not Selling?

You put your house on the market and you expected the offers to start rolling in… but they didn’t. Or maybe you accepted an offer but it fell through in escrow. When you’re ready to move but you can’t find a buyer, frustration sets in fast. What are you supposed to do when your house … Continued