Know Your Foreclosure Rights

You missed a housing payment. Times are tough; maybe you lost your job, had unexpected and significant medical bills, or had to spend thousands to fix a collapsing roof. Sometimes even the most responsible homeowner can fall behind. Can your bank foreclose on you within a few months? Is there any way to stop a … Continued

Strategies to Stop a Foreclosure in Sacramento

Are you behind on your housing payments? If foreclosure looms, it might feel like all hope is lost. Not so fast. There are a few legal strategies for stopping a foreclosure from going through. Your case will be stronger if you can prove that your financial distress is based on a temporary setback (such as … Continued

Cleaning Up Your Credit After Foreclosure

Foreclosure hurts your credit, there’s no way around it. You can expect your score to drop by 100 points or more. The higher your credit score at the time it happens, the more it can drop — up to 160 points. Ouch. A foreclosure will stay on your record for seven years from the date … Continued

5 Foreclosure Myths, Debunked

Going into foreclosure can be overwhelming, and downright heartbreaking. But in some cases the prospect of foreclosure is not as bleak as you might think. Complicating matters worse are the sheer number of rumors and half-truths about foreclosure swirl; there are all sorts of foreclosure myths floating around this internet of ours. Foreclosure can be … Continued

Mortgage Modification Help: Can It Help You Avoid Foreclosure?

Are you nearing foreclosure? Trying to avoid losing your property on someone else’s terms? You’re not the only one. Whether because of job loss, or medical bills, or COVID-related hardships (or all three), some homeowners fall behind on payments and want to avoid foreclosure. Even if you’re still current, you may see a missed payment … Continued

What is a 2nd Mortgage Foreclosure?

If you’ve ever tapped into your home equity or needed some extra funds for a home remodel, you may have taken out a second mortgage. These loans specifically leverage the value of your home and are typically considered subordinate to your primary mortgage. But what happens when you can pay your primary mortgage and start … Continued

Forbearance and Foreclosure: Can I Save My Home?

1 in 200 homes end up in foreclosure, which adds up to thousands of homeowners who lose their home because they fell behind on payments. Are you one of them? If you’re asking yourself “How can I save my home?,” forbearance may be the answer. Saving your home from being foreclosed upon isn’t impossible, but … Continued

Where Can You Get Foreclosure Help in Sacramento?

If you lost your job or were temporarily furloughed because of COVID-19 (or for any reason), maintaining your housing payments can become a burden. Are you struggling to stay afloat? Before you accept your foreclosure fate, consider the places you can get foreclosure help in Sacramento. You may be able to avoid losing your home … Continued