How to Detect Water Leaks in Your Home

Water damage in a home is no joke. Not only does it lead to costly repairs, but you could start growing mold. Left untreated for a long time, water leaks could mean it’s really hard to find a willing buyer for your property when you’re ready to move. It’s always in your best interest to … Continued

Does My Home Insurance Cover Natural Disasters?

One of the best ways to maintain value in your home is by making sure there isn’t any major damage. This includes water damage and mold, broken roof tiles, compromised siding, and foundation issues. But what happens if a major storm rips through your neighborhood? Does home insurance cover natural disasters? Well, it depends. Your … Continued

What to Ask a Realtor Before You Hire Them

Hiring a real estate agent to help you sell your home is a big step. With the right Realtor, you can sell your home quickly to a reliable buyer. If you choose the wrong person, you could get ignored and your house might stay on the market. Do you know what to ask a Realtor? … Continued

Can’t Sell Your Home? Go from Carpet to Hardwood

You’ve had your home on the market for weeks and there are no bites. You might need to consider making a change. Could going from carpet to hardwood make a difference? Maybe. Even though carpeting is cozy beneath your feet, it collects more allergens and is harder to clean. If you haven’t installed new carpet … Continued

How to Make an Offer on a House (and Win)

You did it. You found a home you know you could be happy in. But do you know how to make an offer on a house that will stand out from the rest? It’s not as simple as you might think. In a sea of other offers, you want the seller to notice yours — … Continued

Why an Open House Might Hurt Your Home Sale

Once upon a time, the best way to sell your home was an open house. It was understood that if you planned to sell your house, you needed to allow a parade of strangers into the property. Thankfully, that may no longer be the case. In fact, if you rely on open houses to sell … Continued

Our Top Posts About Home Remodeling

Home remodeling is a tricky subject. It costs a lot of money, but it can make your home more enjoyable. And, it can lead to a better return on your real estate investment. But a home remodeling project can also be a financial landmine. Plus, you have to live through a construction zone. And some … Continued

What is a Mortgage Pre-Approval?

In a seller’s market, you increase your chances of landing a dream home if you have pre-approved financing in place. This tells sellers that you’re serious about buying. They will also feel more confident about escrow closing on time. But what exactly is mortgage pre-approval? And how long does it take? Read on to learn … Continued

Our Top Posts About Home Sales in Sacramento

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, navigating the real estate market alone can be a challenge. Luckily, California Family Homebuyers is here to help. We know the best way to sell a house because, well, we do it all the time. We buy homes in all sorts of conditions and then turn around and … Continued

Should You Do a Basement Remodel in Sacramento?

Are you lucky enough to have the additional square footage of a basement in Sacramento? You may be using it as a laundry room or for storage — but you’ve probably been imagining a game room or additional bedroom for some time. With the average cost of a basement remodel in Sacramento running a price … Continued