Do Closet Organizers Increase Home Value?

You want to find your blue shoes when you want your blue shoes. And without going through 18 boxes, preferably. Closet organizers definitely make your life easier. But do closet organizers increase home value? It would be a shame to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a custom closet, only to never recover the costs.

The good news is that custom closet organizers do tend to offer a return on investment. That means you will recover almost all of the cost you put into the closet, and you might even turn a profit with the right buyer. If you install a sophisticated closet organizer in a master bedroom walk-in — you could just end up starting a bidding war between clothes horses.

Reasons Closet Organizers Add Home Value

Why do closet organizers add home value? We can think of a few. And real estate agents tend to agree. Here are four reasons customizing your closet (big or small) with an organizing system will benefit you when you want to sell your home.

  1. Closet Organizers Make Your Home Appear Move-in Ready
    Many buyers aren’t looking for a fixer upper. They want a turnkey solution. Putting closet organizers in every closet means buyers can see themselves simply unpacking their clothes and feeling immediately at home. Even a small hall closet can benefit from shelving for shoes or hooks for jackets. You’d be surprised how impressed potential buyers are with even minor investments to closet organization. All of this says “Moving in here would be easy.”
  2. Organizers Increase Function
    Because a closet organizer makes your home move-in ready, buyers see it as functional. Shoe racks mean no more stacking shoe boxes to the ceiling, tie racks mean getting ready for work is a breeze, and shelving means no more cumbersome dressers crammed into the corner of a closet. Increasing function always makes your home more attractive to the pragmatic buyer. And this increases the amount of money you can ask for your home.
  3. Good Closets are a Common Deal Breaker
    As one real estate agent told Forbes, good storage is an expectation these days. Not having a sizable and/or organized closet available is a deal killer. You could have every must-have amenity in your home but a good closet, and your buyer will walk away. Obviously, this makes closet organizing a worthwhile investment when you’re preparing your home for sale. Even if you only recover your exact costs, selling fast saves you extra mortgage payments and carrying costs that would occur if your property lingered on the market.
  4. You Get to Show Off Home Potential to Buyers
    You want potential buyers to visualize themselves in your property, and we’ve found that an excellent closet is one of the best ways to do this. Staging your closet with well-organized clothes tells buyers that living here would be easy and you’ve been thoughtful with amenities. It makes a huge difference. Even simple changes like switching from one door to two modern-looking closet doors helps. Add some shelves and a fold-down ironing board, and you’re in business. Buyers will overlook a smaller bathroom, a paint color they don’t love, and all sorts of other things if they see potential in storage.

Want to sell your home but don’t want to invest in new closets? If you’re trying to sell a property in Sacramento and need to get out fast, we may be able to help. We buy homes in all sorts of conditions around the city. We can sometimes close in just days! Give us a call today to talk about the value of your closets and more.

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