Most Common Home Repairs (That are Also Expensive)

There are common home repairs you can fix on your own — the occasional broken faucet or bad light switch — and then there are common fixes that require backup. We’re talking about anything in your walls or a fix that involves a major system in your home. Believe it or not, watching a DIY video on YouTube is not the best way to fix your sewage line!

So, what are the most common home repairs that require a major investment? Let’s talk about it. Here are some pricey home repairs that will have you calling an expert (and how much you can expect to pay for them).

Roof repairs

Roof repairs — not an entire replacement — can include shingle fixes or other structural repairs. You will pay a labor cost per hour as well as a charge for materials. Nationwide, the average cost for a roof repair is between $364 and $1,553. The life of your roof is about 30 years. You can expect at least a few leaks and other issues toward the end of your roof’s lifespan.

Siding fixes

Is your siding cracked, falling off, or wilted from the sun? Siding can be either wood, metal, vinyl, or another material. Over time, weather will cause your siding to need some fixes. That could be as simple as a paint job or as serious as removing pieces of siding and replacing them. You’ll probably be charged labor, installation, and materials based on square food. The cost could be as high as $1,200 for the project.

Slab leaks

No plumbing leak is fun or inexpensive. When the pipes beneath your home’s foundation have a link — it’s especially difficult to fix. Not only does it take time and money to detect the exact location of the leak, but you will need an experienced plumber to fix the issue without damaging the structural integrity of your home’s foundation. Under foundation leaks are called slab leaks. A small leak may be a few hundred dollars to fix, but the expense can top $4,000 for a single repair.

HVAC problems

You don’t want to be caught in a Sacramento summer without a functioning air conditioning system. When your heating or air goes out, it’s probably a priority to get it fixed. Unfortunately, air heating and cooling needs result in some of the most common home repairs. If you don’t need to replace any units, you’re in luck. Many furnace and A/C repairs only run about $300 between labor and parts. While you’re getting your HVAC repaired, you may as well as for a filter replacement to keep the system running clean.

Sewage line repairs

The city is responsible for part of the sewage line that your house uses. But you’re responsible for the line between the sidewalk and your home. Over time, you’ll probably need to get some repairs completed. To put it mildly… you’ll notice a smell and realize that something is very wrong. The worse news is that the average cost of a sewer line repair is over $2,500. These repairs aren’t as common as some of the others on this list, but they are among the very most important.

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