My House is Not Selling: Now What?

You lit a few scented candles and vacuumed under the rugs. You even staged the rooms according to your agent’s recommendations. But when it comes to getting an offer… crickets. You’re left scratching your head and saying “My house is not selling — what do I do now?”

Well, we have a few ideas. The first step is understanding why a property might not be selling. This can range from a bad pricing strategy to something physically wrong with the home. Either way, California Family Homebuyers knows our way around Sacramento properties. Read on to learn more about how to sell a property fast and what to do if you still can’t sell.

Understand Why Homes Don’t Sell

First things first. Why is your home not bringing in any offers? Some of the most common reasons include:

  1. A price that is too high compared to local comps. If you’re asking too much, you’re going to watch your neighbors’ homes fly off the market while yours still sits there.
  2. A bad smell (seriously!). You might grow nose blind to what your home smells like, but potential buyers won’t be. If they can pick up cat litter, musty carpet, or other bad odors… they’ll turn right around and leave.
  3. Major repairs are needed. Some folks are looking for a fixer upper. But if you have major plumbing issues, some people just aren’t willing to deal with it.
  4. Your appliances and fixtures are super old. Your fridge might work fine, but do they give off ’90s vibes? Older appliances can immediately date a home. Even if most of your designs are modern!
  5. There is clutter everywhere. People need to envision themselves in your home. And the bottom line is that a home that is super personalized might make that hard for some buyers.

Make Changes to Try and Sell Fast

Now, just because your house isn’t selling now doesn’t mean it never will. You can take steps to make your home more appealing. First, a deep clean. This makes the home more welcoming and gets rid of any bad smells or unattractive stains, etc. Then, clear out some of your extra furniture and picture frames and put them in storage. Replace outdated fixtures and appliances if you can afford to do it.

Finally, be realistic about what your home is worth. Sometimes our sentimentality causes us to overestimate the value of a property. If your neighbors are selling for less with newer amenities, a high price is probably torpedoing any potential offers. When there are major repairs past due — such as plumbing or a leaky roof — prepare to drop the price even more or offer a credit to the buyer.

Think About Alternatives

“Thanks,” you say, “but my house is not selling still!” It might be time to change tactics altogether. Have you thought about selling to an all-cash buyer? At California Family Homebuyers, we purchase homes in and around Sacramento in all sorts of conditions. We can help you out if you inherit a home you don’t know what to do with or if you’re nearing foreclosure and want to sell your home fast.

If you’re in the Sacramento area and your home isn’t selling, give us a call today! We may be able to sell as quickly as 7 days.

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