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Is an open house right for your Sacramento home when you’re ready to sell fast? A winning game plan involves many strategies, and most real estate agents will recommend inviting the public to tour your home as one of them.  But will it be worth the time and energy? In this blog, we will review the pros and cons of holding an open house to sell your Sacramento home. Read on before you decide if a public showing is right for you!

Pros and Cons of an Open House in Sacramento


More Exposure

The fact is, you may not get a buyer from the open house itself. In fact, more houses are sold via private showings. However, when you are trying to sell, you should let as many people know about the property as possible. Your nosy neighbor could wander in from off the street. Sure, they aren’t buying for themselves, but they might know someone who is.

The idea of “picking” your neighbors will be appealing to many people. Having an open house is a great way to give your house exposure. More people seeing your home is never a bad thing.

Friendly Environment for Buyers

An open house usually brings in all types of people. Some people simply love seeing homes. Others are ready to make an offer on the spot. But everyone loves being able to walk around the house without any high-pressure sales pitch coming their way. The environment of an open house gives curious potential buyers the chance to get a feel for the property and the ability to imagine themselves living there. While a private showing is more one-on-one, an open house will allow buyers to look around at their own pace without feeling rushed.



Most sellers leave their home during an open house. It can be awkward for everyone. You probably don’t want to watch people judging every detail of your home, and buyers do not want to feel as if they are intruding upon you.

Cleaning, staging, leaving and wondering who is walking through your house can be very stressful for some sellers! Though you will have a similar experience for private showings, the added pressure of knowing dozens of people could be in your home can be anxiety inducing for some sellers.

Security Issues

Speaking of people walking through your home, the idea of can be a little scary not just because someone could judge a dust bunny! Thieves can take advantage during an open house, so make sure valuables are locked away.  People could also use an open house as a chance to stake out the property. Most agents have an eye for these types, but some sellers choose to send a friend to drop by to make sure everything is going well nonetheless.

Dealing With Unqualified Buyers

An open house will attract anyone and everyone. You might have people off the street, walking in and attempting a verbal offer. Getting offers from unqualified buyers can waste everyone’s time. Make sure your agent knows to only get offers from individuals who have been pre-qualified.

Holding an open house is part of a much larger strategy. Many agents hold an open house to help increase their own exposure. And while it may not sound like it, this can be very good for you. A Realtor who knows how to market themselves and who has a lot of connections will likely be able to draw a crowd for your home.

Any exposure of your property can be beneficial, just don’t expect a ton of legitimate written offers on the day of the open house. Don’t rely exclusively on an open house, but do appreciate an agent who is utilizing ALL resources to sell your home.

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