Sacramento Summer Home Sales: Top Tips

With COVID almost (hopefully) in the rearview in Sacramento, the real estate market is heating up just in time for summer. We may even be able to resume open houses one of these days. Are you thinking about selling your home soon? Summer home sales are about to be booming. Between low interest rates and the standard summer conditions for real estate… you might want to start packing now!

But before you hire a moving truck, you need to get a solid offer on your home. Here are our hot tips for summer home sales in Sacramento.

Hot Tip #1: Prepare for a lot of competition

Summer is one of the best times to sell a home in Sac, and the word is out. Homes in the Sacramento area tend to sell faster and go for over asking price more often during July and August. That means other homes in your neighborhood will also go on the market. You need to make your home stand out. Turn your back yard into a backyard party, market early and often, and make your home seem as exclusive as possible.

Hot Tip #2: Cooling your home is essential

As we all know, summers in Sacramento can get pretty scorching. With averages in the 90s throughout the summer, you don’t want your home to feel sticky and uncomfortable. Turn your home into a sweet reprieve from the outside temperature. Splurge on some air conditioning, turn on those ceiling fans, and draw some of the blinds to limit the heat caused by natural light.

Hot Tip #3: Looky-loos will be plentiful

Increased real estate inventory also means a lot of people who are just looking for fun. While summer has more motivated buyers than other months, it brings out the curious, too. Make sure your agent asks important questions of potential buyers. How soon do they want to move? Are they already listing their current home? Is their lease ending if they rent? You don’t want to waste too much time trying to hook a buyer who isn’t really a buyer. At the same time, don’t alienate these looky-loos — they might have a friend who is a serious buyer, so play nice.

Hot Tip #4: You may need to move fast

Motivated buyers who want to move before the new school year start may have a fast escrow in mind. Have a game plan in mind for what happens if your buyer wants an abbreviated escrow. Can you move in 21 days if necessary? You always have the right to say no to a shorter escrow, but sometimes the highest bidder might also want you out fast. We recommend having a possible rental in mind.

Hot Tip #5: Casual staging may not cut it

Another thing about having a lot of homes on the market is that people will really step up their game to get their home sold. You can’t just dust a little and expect your home to stand out. Even regular staging might not do it. How can you make you home shine? Staging a full-on backyard barbecue, perhaps? Or maybe drawing a bath and using flameless candles to show how your primary bathroom can quickly become a spa? Think outside the box to make your home a number one stunner when compared to similar homes in the area.

Do you want to sell your Sacramento home fast this summer, but you’re not sure you can compete with the other homes on the block? At California Family Homebuyers, we buy homes in all sorts of conditions. We may be able to buy your home this summer with a super fast closing date and no escrow. Give us a call!

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