Selling Your Home in the Winter: What to Know

Instinct — and some experts — will tell you to sell your home in the spring and summer. Families with kids are looking to relocate between school years, and you don’t have to compete with the hub-bub of the holidays. But what if we told you selling your home in the winter might actually be a good idea? Real estate experts at Trulia and agree.

There are several distinct benefits to putting your house on the market during winter months. As January approaches, here are some things to consider about whether you should use the month to clean, prepare, and list your home for sale. And of course, we’re always here to help.

Advantages to Selling Your Home in the Winter

While everyone and their mother is listing their home in May, you’ll already be settled into your new abode if you list your home this January. Here are some of the advantage to consider as you ponder whether you’re ready to find a real estate agent and sell your Sacramento home fast.

  1. End of Year Bonuses Might Motivate Buyers. Buyers who received end-of-year bonuses at work or other pay-outs might want to avoid the crowds of summer buyers and move now. The end of the year is also a time when people start to think about a fresh new year start. For potential buyers with the funding, motivation will be high to close in the new year.
  2. You’ll Have Fewer Landscaping Duties. Winter means less pressure for pristine green grass and overflowing flower beds. Even in Sacramento, where we’re not exactly buried in snow, buyers will have fewer expectations for your yard. You should still keep things trimmed. But don’t worry about installing all new flowers before your first showing.
  3. Less Competition Means More Attention. With fewer homes on the market this time of year, your home can shine. Where you may have to wait for the right offer in June, in January you could be fielding multiple offers from buyers. Make sure you highlight potential “must-haves” like an open kitchen or large closet to appeal to buyers even more.
  4. Newly Relocated Buyers Want to Act Fast. Many people are relocated for work during the first quarter of the year. This means folks new to Sacramento want to grab a home quickly and put down some roots. Listing in the winter lets you take advantage of this windfall of new residents on the prowl. They’ll already have settled in by spring!
  5. You Might Sell for More. Mortgage rates often increase in the spring, and — as we mentioned — there is less inventory available. Both of these factors can lead to someone being willing to buy for a higher price in winter. Be aggressive (but fair) in your asking price and you just might be surprised.

What to Avoid During a Winter Sale

Now, what should you avoid when selling your home in the winter? Don’t be lazy about staging just because you might be the only home for sale in the neighborhood. Clean out clutter, stage furniture, and make basic upgrades prior to listing the home. And remember to do any winterizing activities that you normally do, such as insulating pipes or sealing windows. Your buyers will notice leaking cold air and hot water issues during their walk through more than ever. And be strategic about your marketing. Don’t stick to local advertising — because you may end up selling to someone relocating, it would be a mistake not to make sure your property is listed in a national database like MLS.

Reaching Out for Help

California Family Homebuyers is always here to help if you want to sell your Sacramento home fast in winter but you don’t want to list it. We buy homes, as-is, for cash. Sometimes we close as fast as seven days. Give us a call today if you want to sell your house during winter and you don’t have time to waste. The process is easier than you might think!

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