4 Ways Selling Your House Now in Sacramento Will Save You Money

4 Ways Selling Your House Now in Sacramento Will Save You Money

Are you trying to decide whether to hire a real estate agent or go it alone? This may be the biggest decision of your life. Selling to a professional buyer is an alternative that could save you thousands! Traditional listings leave you facing an unknown end date while taking all the legal risk and paying for all the charges involved when selling a home.

When making any important decision in life, it’s best to go into the venture with a realistic understanding of just what will be involved. Especially when the consequences of being ill-informed could leave money on the table. Discover these 4 ways selling your house now in Sacramento will save you money!

Selling Your House As-Is

Absorbing additional losses when selling your house literally doesn’t pay off. Especially if the property is older or has serious issues. In traditional listings, you may ultimately be responsible for repairs, even if your property is listed “As-Is.” Listing your home with an agent or by yourself can leave you open to exorbitant cost surprises after an inspection.  There could even be potential legal risks associated with disclosure laws.

Repair are typically subtracted from the purchase price originally offered. Not only can this be extremely disheartening but it could completely wipe out the plans you’ve made for your future. By working with professional buyers, you’ll know the offer is one you can depend on being a firm price and avoid legal risks. By selling now to a professional buyer you can literally walk away, which is another way selling your house now in Sacramento will save you money.

Marketing Costs

Whether you are considering taking it upon yourself to sell your own home or working with an agent, there is simply no way to avoid the need to market real estate. Even on a small budget, some marketing tactics are must-haves if you want buyers to take notice. You’ll want to include professional-grade photos, 360-degree images, and virtual tours with professional drone footage.

Most real estate agents are now including staging expenses in the marketing plan, along with bringing your interior and exterior up to magazine quality presentation. This could mean anything from touch up paint to renovations and modernizing the property to suit the needs of your potential buyer. Likewise, standing out in searches means paying to be on the main real estate sites. Avoiding all of these costs when selling your house now in Sacramento will save you money.

Closing Costs

After finally maneuvering your way through the sale, it’s time to sit down and collect your long-awaited funds at the closing table. Bypassing these charges at closing by selling your house now in Sacramento will save you money. You can do that buy selling to a local investor and avoiding the open market.

What exactly do you lose by going with a traditional sale? For one, the commission to your agent. Then there is  title insurance, which protects the buyer against any problems with your title, and is commonly paid by the seller as well. Again, you’ll be facing another outlay for transfer fees, recording fees, and property taxes, which can vary depending on how the contract was written and the day of the month you actually close. Certain fees will be locked in, discounts on some services required for closing the transaction, and transferring the funds can be found by shopping around.

Holding Costs

Be it due to foreclosure or other changes in circumstances, a looming deadline that could spell personal financial disaster can lead to anxiety. If you’ve been forced to move before the sale has closed, you may now be facing the monthly bills and maintenance responsibilities of two properties. In traditional listings, contracts often contain contingencies, such as waiting for the buyer’s home to sell before you can close, which means your sale definitely is not guaranteed. Often, inexperienced buyers end up backing out of deals after several weeks have passed, due to lack of qualifying for financing. By working with a professional buyer, you can alleviate the stress involved for everyone in waiting for closing. Having a quick guaranteed closing date when you are selling your house now in Sacramento will save you money.

Just leave it all to our professionals. Imagine! No more concerns over financing your life while you are holding out for the closing, repairs, marketing, or closing costs. All you need to do is sell to California Family Homebuyers, we handle everything for you. Selling your house now in Sacramento to California Family Homebuyers will save you money. To learn more about what we can offer, send us a message or give us a call today! 916-496-3737

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