Should You Do a Basement Remodel in Sacramento?

Are you lucky enough to have the additional square footage of a basement in Sacramento? You may be using it as a laundry room or for storage — but you’ve probably been imagining a game room or additional bedroom for some time. With the average cost of a basement remodel in Sacramento running a price tag of over $24,000, you don’t want to undergo such a project lightly.

Is it worth it to do a basement remodel in Sacramento? That depends on how big the space is, how you plan to use it, and if you’re hoping to turn a profit. Read on to learn more about which questions you should ask yourself before giving a basement remodel in Sacramento the green light.

Will a basement remodel add property value?

According to Zillow, you’ll see about a 70% ROI on the cost of a basement remodel (this is a national average). At first glance, this might make it seem like the expense isn’t worth it. But not so fast! If there not a lot of remodeled basements in your neighborhood, having one might make your home stand out when you go to sell. If you secure a good buyer faster, the cost of a basement remodel may end up yielding a higher return.

If you are able to add another bedroom to your home by remodeling your basement, you’ll also see a higher return than average. Nonetheless, you should keep in mind that you may not see a full return on your investment when you’re choosing the materials you use for your project. Installing high-end carpet and countertops may not be worth it in the long run.

How much use will you get from the remodel?

You should also consider how much use you’ll get out of the remodel when you’re planning the project. Can you stay in your home longer than you’d if you add more usable space — especially a bedroom and/or bathroom. Even if you can’t recover the full cost of the remodel, the project may pay off in other ways. Imagine having an additional retreat where you can go and take a bath or watch TV. The personal benefits of having a basement remodel may outweigh any lost money.

What are the legal requirements of a basement remodel in Sacramento?

You should also read up on Sacramento County rules and regulations related to basement projects before you break ground. For instance, if your basement will contain a bedroom, an emergency exit is required in every bedroom (aka “sleeping room”). According to the county, emergency exits and rescues must open directly onto a public street or yard. You must also add a smoke detector to a basement if you remodel it to create a living space, and you must have a ceiling height of 7 feet if your basement will have “habitable space.” If you can’t meet these requirements, you probably won’t be approved for a permit to complete your basement project.

Do you want more space without the hassle of undergoing a basement remodel in Sacramento? We help homeowners who are unable to sell their home in a traditional sale. If you have repairs you don’t want to do, inherited a property with issues, or you are nearing foreclosure — give us a call. We can help you get out of your property in a hurry… even if it doesn’t have a finished basement!

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