Where to Find MLS Listings in Sacramento

On the hunt for a new home? The multiple listing service, also called the MLS, keeps a list of every property officially listed through a licensed broker or agent. The hitch? Not just anybody can log and and start scrolling dream homes. MLS listings are officially only available to licensed real estate agents. But that doesn’t mean you can never get your paws on those sweet, sweet new listings.

Here are some ways to see MLS listings in Sacramento — including homes for sale that were just added today. Or, consider going another route altogether. We have an idea about that too.

Option 1: Talk to a Licensed Agent

If you work with an agent, they can connect you with MLS listings. This is true for both buyers and sellers. As a buyer, you want to see what your options are for a new home. As a seller, you may want to scope out the competition. In any case, an agent can pull up the listings and search based on your preferences. Most agents won’t charge a fee for a consultation; they only get paid on commission if and when they help you with a real estate transaction. This option means finding a trusted agent to work with, but it can be worth the effort if you find your dream home via MLS.

Option 2: View Republished Listings

Want a workaround to sitting with an agent? We’ve got a few. First off, many real estate websites republish MLS listings. These sites include Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and others. They take what is posted on the official MLS and make it available to the masses. Bear in mind that you may not see listings here are quickly as they appear on the MLS, because they are repostings. Still, this option is a free and easy way to browse potential homes when you’re laying in bed or sipping coffee — all without having to enlist the help of anyone but your smartphone. Many people who are just starting their home buying or home selling journey begin here.

Option 3: Search Local Public Listings

Some websites offer regional help finding listings. Like Zillow and similar sites, these are republished from the official MLS site. These sites can also connect you with an agent in your area and may have more regional-specific information and experience. One such example is Bright MLS Homes, which serves the northeastern United States. Locally, try MetroList Pro to see Sacramento MLS posts and find out what’s available in your price range.

Option 4: Consider Skipping MLS

If you don’t see what you like in the MLS, may we suggest an alternative? Buying and selling with all-cash investors can take the hassle out of both sides of the process. For instance, at California Family Homebuyers, we buy homes in and around Sacramento in almost any condition. We’re a good resource for sellers who are unable to sell using MLS or just not getting any bites.

Not having any luck after you list on MLS? Try selling to California Family Homebuyers. And if you want to buy something without competing with a hundred other offers, it doesn’t hurt to make nice with an investor who often flips properties. A cash buyer can let you know when they have a property on their hands that meets your needs. You can skip MLS listings altogether and still find a place you love.

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