5 Tips for Selling a Townhouse Fast

Have a hot townhouse on your hands? Selling fast can be a challenge, depending on the type of buyers in your area. Townhomes are typically bigger than condos, consisting of at least two stories, but they aren’t as big as a lot of single family home. This can mean you need to track down a specific type of buyer. But it’s not impossible to find the right buyer fast. Here are five tips for selling a townhouse fast without losing money.

1. Don’t Run Afoul of the HOA

When you’re selling a townhouse, there may be rules from the HOA about where you can advertise the property (such as whether you can put a sign in the window) and other red tape. You don’t want a sale to be held up because you’re not following the community rules. Do you need to get buyers approved by a board? Make sure you brush up on the HOA rules for selling your property so you’re ready for a smooth sail that doesn’t get stalled by a silly — avoidable — mistake.

2. Focus on the Interior

The selling point of a townhouse is rarely the outside. You probably have an aesthetic that looks just like other homes on the block — maybe exactly the same. Sure, you should clean up your yard if you have one, but you probably want to invest the bulk of your money and energy on the interior as you list the property. This can be a change in gears if you’ve ever sold a single family home before. Think about upgrading important rooms like the kitchen or master bathroom and advertising all the benefits and amenities buyers will find inside.

3. Market the Community Features

One benefit of townhome living may be access to community amenities buyers don’t find in other neighborhoods. To sell your townhouse fast, make sure you photograph and advertise things like a neighborhood pool, local tennis courts, walking paths, parks, and other features that a buyer will find appealing. You might even mention community events. If your neighbors are really friendly and throw block parties in the summer, etc., future buyers might be more attracted to your home.

4. Make the Space Look Bigger

Since you’re not working with a large home, it’s important to maximize the space in your townhouse if you want to sell fast. Decluttering is more important than ever. And you should stage the property to make it appear open, tall, and welcoming. Consider using lighter paints in small rooms,  keeping only essential furniture in all rooms, and installing longer curtains that make the windows appear taller when installed near the ceiling. A townhome with a ton of stuff looks even more crowded than a larger home, and buyers don’t want to feel like they’re walking through an episode of “Hoarders.”

5. Consider FSBO

You can always go through a real estate agent when you’re selling a townhouse, but you lose cash in fees and commissions. For sale by owner (FSBO) can be a reasonable alternative, especially if you have a lawyer in the family who can help with the paperwork. Now, generally selling your home on your own takes 19 days longer than listing with an agent. But we have a secret to share. If you sell your home to an investor, you may be able to sell within a week. Companies like California Family Homebuyers take homes that need a little bit of love off your hands for a fair price within a super short timeline. You don’t pay commissions and can end your carrying costs almost immediately.

Have a townhouse to sell that you know needs a little TLC? You can sell it fast if you work with a company that is prepared to do repairs. California Family Homebuyers purchases Sacramento homes that need some work. We’ll take your townhouse off your hands in just a few weeks, and you can even choose the closing date!

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