Are you Tired of Dealing With Bad Tenants?

Being a landlord is not as glamorous as it sounds. We have had countless clients tell us their horror stories of bad tenants that are consistently late paying rent, or sometimes fail to pay their rent at all. For many clients, the constant worrying and hassle of being a landlord has convinced them to sell their investment property.

Damage to the Property


Many landlords come to us after a tenant has left the property with significant damage. This can be because of misuse of the property, pets or any number of other reasons. The security deposit may not cover all the repairs or the landlord may not want to deal with the hassle. Instead, we will buy the property as is. No repairs necessary.

Late Payments

Many landlords tell us they are read to sell their rental unit because the tenant is always late making payments. The landlord may have to cover bills for a few weeks or months until the tenant can catch up with payments. This instability creates problems with their budget and leaves them uncertain of when rent will be paid. California Family Homebuyers will buy your property when it is best for you. We can close in two weeks, taking the headache of your rental unit away.  

Hassle of Finding a New Tenant

Every landlord knows that it takes time and money to get a new tenant into a rental home. For example, there may be repairs that need to be done after an old tenant leaves. You may need to have the carpets cleaned, put some new paint on the walls and other cosmetic repairs. In addition, you have to go through the process of screening potential new tenants and showing the property to them. This process can be lengthy and expensive as the unit is left empty during this time.

If you are ready to sell your rental property, give us a call today. California Family Homebuyers will give you a free, no obligation offer to purchase the home. We can close when you are ready, regardless of whether the home is occupied. In addition, we pay all closing costs and fees. Give us a call at 916-496-3737 .




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