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Home remodeling is a tricky subject. It costs a lot of money, but it can make your home more enjoyable. And, it can lead to a better return on your real estate investment. But a home remodeling project can also be a financial landmine. Plus, you have to live through a construction zone. And some projects don’t see a large ROI.

Here are some of our top posts about home remodeling, including the costs of bathroom and basement projects.

Should You Do a Basement Remodel in Sacramento?

Are you lucky enough to have a basement in Sacramento? You may be using it as a laundry room or for storage — but you’ve probably been imagining a game room or additional bedroom for some time. With the average cost of a basement remodel in Sacramento costing $24,000 — it’s a project to take seriously.

Read this article to learn more about the costs and benefits of a potential basement remodel project.

What is the Average Cost to Remodel a Bathroom?

Before you’re ready to list your Sacramento home for sale, you might want to make some improvements to maximize your sale price. If your neighbors have new granite countertops and a spa shower head — your ’90s bathroom just isn’t going to cut it.

Read this article to learn what you can get with a budget under $5,000, under $7,000, or under $20,000.

Should You Remodel or Move?

Your Sacramento home isn’t working for you anymore. Maybe you need a bigger closet or your just can’t stand your outdated kitchen. And that closed floorplan? It makes entertaining pretty difficult. The question isn’t whether or not to make a change — it’s about which change is right. Should you remodel or move?

Read this article to see our checklist and decide whether home remodeling is worth it, or you should move.

Should I Replace My Roof Before Selling My Home?

You haven’t had any major leaks when in rains and you don’t notice any cold drafts at night. The roof on your Sacramento home is probably fine, right? Well… maybe. Your roof may be on it’s last legs before you realize it. And if it’s found in an inspection while you’re trying to sell, the deal could go south. If you’re not asking “Should I replace my roof before selling?” — you should be.

Read this article to learn how much it costs to replace a roof in Sacramento and when it’s wise to replace it before listing your property.

Do Closet Organizers Increase Home Value?

Home remodeling often involves closets. You want to find your blue shoes when you want your blue shoes. And without going through 18 boxes, preferably. Closet organizers definitely make your life easier. But do closet organizers increase home value? It would be a shame to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on a custom closet, only to never recover the costs.

Read this article to learn whether a closet re-do will lead to a larger return when you sell your property.

Don’t want to do a remodel project?

If home remodeling sounds like a headache you’re not interested in, you can always sell and find your dream home. California Family Homebuyers can help homeowners in and around Sacramento who have properties that need work. Instead of leaving your home on the market for months and months and failing inspections, give us a call. We accept many properties as-is — and quickly. You can choose your own closing date, often within a few weeks.

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