Can You Turn Thanksgiving Into a Chance to Sell Your House?

You need to move and it’s the holidays? Ugh. What a crap sandwich, right? Not so fast! If you’re savvy, you can turn holidays like Thanksgiving into a marketing opportunity. No, we’re not suggestion you make all of your guests make an offer on the house before they can have dessert. But you can turn the holiday into a chance to call attention to your home. In fact, leveraging Thanksgiving could be one of the best and most creative ways to sell a house fast.

Hear us out.

How to Use the Thanksgiving Holiday to Your Home Selling Advantage

1. Talk to Friends and Family About Spreading the Word

Whether you’re hosting Turkey Day at your home or visiting someone else’s, you can use the opportunity to talk about your upcoming move. You never know who could have the perfect buyer in mind. Maybe you’ll find a great prospect while you’re passing the potatoes.

If you’re hosting at the home up for sale, let guests take photos to send to their friends or real estate contacts who might be interested. Think of the day like a less-than-formal open house. Especially if you’re selling your home as the owner and don’t have an agent out there hustling for you. You don’t have to give an entire pitch and put a damper on the appetizers — just have some flyers handy and be open about the fact that you’re open to hearing from buyers.

2. Offer Your Own Black Friday Deal

Has your home been on the market for a few months with no offers? Or maybe you couldn’t find an investor willing to bite with an all-cash offer.  Reducing your price and framing it as a Black Friday deal the day after Thanksgiving could get people’s attention. While folks are in the mood to spend, put your home on their radar.

Most people have Friday off of work, and potential buyers who want to use the day to search for their next place be excited to see an open house. Most folks aren’t spending their Thanksgiving weekend showing their house, so you’ll have the market share of attention. Drop your price, call it as the “Ultimate Black Friday” sale, and see if you get a new offer!

3. Leave Your Decorations Up to Show Entertaining Potential

When you’re showing your home just after Thanksgiving, leave your table setting up and your dining room decorated to help buyers imagine their own holidays and dinner parties. Even if you didn’t host a meal this year, set your table to look as if you did. A big part of selling a property is good staging, and a holiday like Thanksgiving hands you the perfect opportunity to stage your home in a way that appeals to almost any buyer.

Clear the clutter from the room (no need for six ceramic turkeys) and put out a full table setting. You can buy bargain place mats and silverware if you don’t already own any — if your staging ends up selling the home, the investment will more than pay for itself! Try to create the most welcoming holiday atmosphere you can imagine, and remember that a pumpkin spice candle never hurt.

Sell Your Home to Us Any Time of Year

Leveraging Thanksgiving may be one of the most creative ways to sell a house fast, but it’s not the only way! You can also turn to companies like California Family Home Buyers when you’re underwater and need to get out of your home without waiting months to get an offer. We will make an all-cash offer (and we buy homes in all sorts of conditions), so there are no contingencies and we can often close within just a week or two.

If you try marketing your home over the holidays and still don’t have any luck, give us a call! We’ll give you a free, no-pressure offer and go from there.

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