How to Prevent Ice on Windows in Your Home (And Why You Should)

When nighttime temperatures start to drop in Northern California, you’ll notice dew and even frost on your car’s windshield in the morning. But what about your home’s windows? We don’t get snow storms in Sacramento, but that doesn’t mean your picture windows are safe. You may not worry about frost and ice on your panes … Continued

3 Ways to Pull Cash Out of Your House

If you find yourself short on cash to pay off credit cards, put your child through college, or fun a necessary home improvement — the solution may be right under your nose (or your feet, in this case). Tapping into home equity can be a lifesaver. But how exactly do you pull cash out of … Continued

Are you Furloughed? How to Manage Your Mortgage

Are you one of the thousands of government employees who loses sleep when a shutdown is on the table? For you, a shutdown isn’t just about trash piling up in national parks. It affects your entire life. You can quickly fall behind on everything from your utility bills to your prescriptions if your savings are … Continued

Benefits of Selling Your Sacramento Home in the Slow Season

Spring has traditionally been the most popular season to list your home — because summer is the most popular season for moving in the United States. But it’s also easy to get lost in the shuffle if you sell your home as temperatures rise. Faced with more competition, you may not fetch top dollar for … Continued

Should You Repair Your Pool Before Selling a Sacramento Home?

Sacramento summers are hot!  What better way to cool off than by jumping into your very own pool? As any buyer will tell you, many of the most desirable homes in Sacramento include an in-ground pool. However, the maintenance and repairs on a pool can be burdensome. It’s easier than you might think to let … Continued