DIY Home Projects to Build Property Value

Have some time on your hands and the desire to get the most bang for you buck when you sell your property? It’s time to become a DIY master. No, we’re not talking about decoupaging a new memory box. We’re talking about real upgrades to your home that will increase the sale price. Do-it-yourself home projects usually take a few days at most, and your bank account will thank you when it comes time to list the property. Here are some of our favorite DIY home projects that translate to real value.

1. Update the Lighting

Eliminate outdated, eyesore lighting fixtures and ceiling fans by adding modern designs. This simple design signals to younger buyers that the space has been kept up over the years. Use bright LED bulbs to inject more illumination into the space, especially in rooms without a lot of windows. You may also want to ditch any dark curtains in favor of lighter options that bring in more natural light. And wash all the windows! A film of dust could filter light more than you know (and it’s just gross).

2. Make Some Paint Changes

Another important DIY home project is painting the rooms. In fact, 66% of Realtors recommend painting rooms when you’re trying to sell your property. When it comes to attracting buyers, go neutral all the way. White, tan, and light gray are all safe color palates. This lets the imagination of potential new owners run wild, instead of overwhelming them. You love your fire engine red dining room… but will everyone? Taping, priming, and painting a room can take a whole weekend when you factor in drying time — so don’t try to tackle the whole house in a single weekend. Your arms and sanity will thank you later.

3. Install Modern Hardware

OK, replacing your kitchen cabinets isn’t a simple DIY home project. But changing the hardware is. And you might be shocked at how much the vibe of a room can be altered by simply throwing out old door and drawer handles and installing some new ones. The same goes for your bathroom. Cleaning your cabinets from top to bottom and adding new hardware makes a big difference. It won’t increase your home value by a huge amount on its own, but if it sells someone on your kitchen — updated hardware could certainly lead to a faster sale.

4. Clean Fireplace Brick

A working fireplace can increase the value of your property, according to about 70% of listing agents. But what if your fireplace looks like crap? It’s unlikely to have the same appeal. You should consider either cleaning your fireplace brick (yes, this will take a ton of scrubbing and you’ll have to get in there with a toothbrush), or painting over the brick with a bright white paint. Not only does white paint cover up any imperfections — but it can add to a cosmopolitan decor. If you’re trying to sell to hipsters, an all-white fireplace and mantel with a bunch of succulents is a winning idea.

5. Give Your Home a New Scent Profile

In one study, researchers found that the smell of citrus in a home can increase the perceived value of a home. By up to $100,000 dollars in fact. Yep, something about the clean smell of a fresh cut orange or lemon really convinces buyers that the home is high end and clean as a whistle. That’s why one of our favorite DIY home projects is eliminating any current bad odors (you’re not trying to just cover up old smells here) and then injecting some citrus flavor to the air. After you give the carpets a deep clean, spray some citrus essential oil into the room, boil citrus peels over the stove, and burn some orange-scented candles right before you hold an open house.

Still not having any luck? We won’t judge you if your home doesn’t smell like fresh lemonade. California Family Homebuyers purchases Sacramento homes in all sorts of conditions. Nearing foreclosure, bad plumbing, you name it… and we’ve seen it. When DIY fixes aren’t enough, give us a call to see if we can get you cash for your home. We may be able to close as fast as one week!



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