Foreclosure Property Listings in Sacramento – What’s Real and What’s Not?

There’s a lot of information about finding foreclosure property listings in Sacramento floating around the internet. But not all of it is accurate.  And if you’re going to pay for for access to data (such as our Foreclosure Property Alert List), you want to make sure you’re getting enough bang for your buck.

How do you tell the difference between credible information and useless marketing gimmicks that promise local foreclosure properties?

Some services – like – are doing a great job consolidating information from many sources. Investors like us use them all the time, because it’s cheaper and faster to use their information rather than combing through the classifieds ourselves. But the major drawback with online services like that is the information in them is sometimes outdated. You may end up browsing through properties in foreclosure that other investors knew about weeks ago (especially if they got their list right from the courthouse).

We also use other sources, too.

Lots of real estate agents who “specialize in foreclosures” publish their own lists, but these are often just marketing gimmicks to trade your contact info for stale goods.

There’s no harm in signing up for free lists – if the info is no good, you can just unsubscribe. But it’s ultimately still a waste of time. You could get excited about properties that are no longer available.

So, how do you spot a worthwhile source from a worthless one? When you’re evaluating a new list to see if it has new foreclosures, compare the properties on the list to what’s published on other free sites. If you never see any new or exclusive information on a foreclosure list, don’t use it. It’s really that simple. Or, find a source directly at the courthouse so you’re the first to know of available properties.

We’re not real estate brokers, so we don’t sell information or give away crummy lists.

The properties we advertise are our own investments that we’ve picked up or have on contract, so it’s a short but exclusive list.

We’ve built a small, tight network of long-term investors who want to purchase credible investment properties in Sacramento California.

We find deep discounts and pass them along – while keeping a reasonable return that allows us to stay in business.

When we lock up a great deal on a cheap foreclosure (or non foreclosure – distressed house), we put it out to our list and sell it fast.

If you’re ready to buy and looking for cheap property, sign up – you’ll only hear from us with exclusive deals in Sacramento you won’t find anywhere else.

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