How to Add Curb Appeal to Your Home in Sacramento

Before you sell your house in Sacramento, you need to win over buyers. And if no one makes it past the driveway — your home will be on the market for a long time. A little something called curb appeal can come to the rescue.

Increased curb appeal improves the value of your home and could earn you a very lucrative offer. Even better, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to add curb appeal to your home. If you want to sell your house as-is, California Family Homebuyers is always happy to give you a cash offer. But if you’d like to try listing your home first, try these weekend projects (then, give us a call if you still don’t get an offer you like).

1. Power Wash the Pavement and Porch

The walk someone does from the street to your front door could make or break a sale. That’s why keeping the walkways clean is so important. Plus, people will be getting up close to your house’s siding, so they’re going to notice those cobwebs and three summers’ worth of pollen and dirt. Rent a power washer and clean off your home’s exterior and driveway. Would you want to pay a competitive price for a house that looks dingy on the outside?

2. Paint the Front Door

When you are trying to add curb appeal to your home in Sacramento, think in pops of color. A coat of paint on your front door could go a long way. Making your front door bright red or sky blue against gray siding makes the property more intriguing. If you can get people to the door, they might just fall in love with the inside and make an offer. Keep in mind style schemes for the neighborhood; you want your door to stand out, but not because it’s way too bright.

3. Clear Out Overgrowth

The landscaping also has a lot to do with what people think about your property. If you have weeds growing up against the side of your garage or your grass is high, you are sending the message that you don’t maintain your home. If you can’t be bothered to mow the grass, what must the pipes look like? Signal to would-be buyers that your house is worth exploring and allow them to envision themselves in playing or relaxing in a well-kempt lawn. You don’t have to plant tons of flowers to make the yard look good, but a few potted plants on the porch are a great idea.

4. Update the House Number

Big silver house numbers could also add some curb appeal to your property. Old, chipped wooden numbers are outdated and drab. Nailing new chrome numbers to the side of your property will appeal to younger buyers who want a modern style for their new house. You can find a ton of number and letter options at almost any home improvement store, and changing them takes just a few minutes.

5. Install a Fashionable Fence

If it’s been a while since the fence in your front yard saw a fresh coat of paint, take the time to spruce it up. For yards that are currently fence-less, you might even want to install one if a lot of the homes in the neighborhood are currently fenced. Backyards with a fence are more appealing to buyers who have dogs and small children.

Are you thinking about selling your Sacramento home? If you want to try selling it using MLS, you need to upgrade the yard and front exterior. You wouldn’t believe how many buyers will pull up to a house and drive right off if they don’t like how it looks from the street. If you could make improvements for a few hundred bucks that bring in a larger offer, why not?

Maybe the thought of doing any curb appeal upgrades just isn’t in your time and budget. Or maybe the inside of the home has so many issues that it’s just not worth it. When curb appeal is not something you want to deal with, contact California Family Homebuyers. We will give you a free, no-pressure assessment of your home’s value as-is and make you a cash offer. We can get your cash to you as quickly as 7 days in some cases!

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