New Year, New Home? Tips for Moving This Spring

Take a moment, look around. Are you in the home of your dreams, or underwater in a home you can’t afford or living in a house that’s way too small for your growing family? If you can imagine yourself somewhere different next year — now is the time to start planning.

Spring births not more than flower blooms. It’s also marks the annual beginning of a strong seller’s market. In fact, selling your home in spring and summer is likely to result in a faster sale for a better price.

How can you prepare now to sell your home after the first of the year? If you have a new year, new home attitude — read on to make your game plan.

Determine the Best Time to Sell Your Home

In terms of pricing, you’re most likely to yield an above-market value for your home between May and December. Bearing in mind that it takes about two months to sell a listed home in Sacramento, you will want to list as early as March or April to ensure you get top dollar. If you want to sell fast, your best bet is selling in August. Again, however, homes sell faster in general between May and December vs. January to April. If you sell between May and June, you’ll probably sell about five days faster than the national average.

If you want to sell your home this spring, aim for a May sale. You can take advantage of the faster sales with higher prices and celebrate summer in a new home. Just remember you’ll want to get your home ready for a mid-spring listing so that you can achieve a late-spring sale.

Make Repairs During Winter

So many sales fall through because a buyer discovers an undesirable problem with the home during an inspection. So many. Get an inspection during the winter so that you know which repairs need to be done to make the home appealing to buyers. If there are repairs you’re not prepared to do, you’ll also have time to consider what your selling options are.

Bonus: many home services professionals consider the winter their off-season. That means you won’t pay as much to get your home painted or your water heater assessed as you might during busier months. If you’re on a budget for your home repairs — and most of us are — winter preparation for a spring sale could save you hundreds of dollars.

Create Serious Curb Appeal

It’s spring time, take advantage of it! The other homes for sale near you will probably pull out all the stops installing new flower beds and trimming the grass. Don’t be left behind. Show potential buyers how well your home looks when spring has sprung. Even though you’re not dealing with snowy conditions in Sacramento at the start of the year, there is still something about the fresh air and bright blooms of springs that can put buyers in the mood to make an offer.

If you’re selling in spring and summer, curb appeal becomes more important than ever. Some things to put on your to-do list: fill flower beds with new plants, mow the lawn, fix broken bricks in the landscaping, and install a new mailbox.

Keep Your Selling Options Open

New year, new home? Only if you can find a buyer! If you’re unable to make the necessary repairs or you’ve fallen behind on your housing payments, a traditional sale may not be the best option. It may be time to consider selling your property to an investor without the help of an agent. You’ll save on commissions, can sell your home as quickly as two weeks, and you will not have to make all of the same repairs that are expected during a regular home sale.

If you want to make a new home in the new year but you’re not prepared to go the route of the MLS, contact us today! We can assess your property and, if we decide to buy it, make you an all-cash offer quickly. We may even be able to close in a few weeks and arrange for you to remain in the home while you look for your new place.

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