Pros and Cons to Selling a House This Fall

is november a good time to sell a house

They say the best time to list your house for sale is in the spring. People are inspired to move during the summer, when their kids are out of school and they don’t have to deal with so much snow and rain.

If you list your home in mid-April, you could be closing by June.

But what if the need arises to sell your home and move later in the year? The end of the calendar year is a busy time in people’s lives and many of them won’t want to add house hunting to the agenda. In other words: there aren’t a ton of buyers to go around.

So, is November a good time to sell a house? Let’s look at the pros and cons of selling your home some time between September and November.

Pros to Selling a Home in the Fall

Despite evidence that March, April, and May are the best months to sell your home, there are some silver linings to selling in the fall. Here are some potential benefits to listing your home in the fourth quarter:

  • As Forbes points out, serious buyers have fewer homes to choose from in the fall. The inventory is down, so if you do put your home on the market — you may get more attention than you would in the spring.
  • There may be a lot of motivation to close before the end of the year. Buyers probably want to move in before the holidays or close the sale during this tax year. Both factors could motivate them to make a quick offer and want a fast closing.
  • If you do need to do some repairs before a buyer agrees to close, it won’t cost as much. Repair companies will be in their low season so you can get your shingle repaired or your leaky sink replaced within budget.
  • Buyers looking during the off season often have a reason. Maybe they’re relocating to your area or they are expecting a baby and need to upsize their home now. While folks look casually in the spring and summer, late year buyers are more likely to have time constraints and mean business.

Cons to Listing Your Property During Fall

Is November a good time to sell your home? There are some reasons to think the experts are right, and holding off until spring (if you can) is your best bed. Here are a few potential downsides to selling your home during autumn months:

  • It can be harder to sell your home on curb appeal during later months. If your yard really flourishes in the summer, you lose a major selling point by listing it later.
  • Buyers are more motivated — but they also know you have fewer people coming to open houses. It is possible that a buyer could decide to play hardball because they’re the only one writing an offer.
  • Maintaining your yard and home can be more challenging. November and December are some of the rainiest months in Sacramento, for instance. This could reveal drainage issues or leave a water mark on the top floor ceiling.

Selling Your Home Fast Between September and November

Are you in a bind and need to sell your home fast this fall? Listing it on the MLS isn’t the only option. If you’re nearing foreclosure or you inherited a home you don’t want — an all-cash buyer is also an option. Buyers like California Family Homebuyers can make you a fast offer and close within just a few weeks (r sooner).

You may not be able to sell for the same price as you would on the MLS, but selling to a company like ours means you can put an end to carrying costs on your home very quickly. We may even be able to save you from foreclosure! Call us today at 916-496-3737 to learn more.

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