Roof Repair in Sacramento: Can You Sell a House with a Leak?

You’re thinking about selling your house when it starts to rain and you hear a dreaded sound. Water dripping in the corner of the kitchen. Ugh.

Is it worth fixing your roof or should you just put it on the market and see what happens? Roof repair in Sacramento isn’t cheap, but potential buyers may be put off by major disclaimers. There are lots of factors to consider.

Here are some questions to ask yourself before you decide if you should call a roofer, realtor, or cash home buyer.

Will You Really Get Your Money Back?

As a general rule, many home repairs don’t earn back their full value when you sell. In other words, you might spend $1,000 on a fix but a buyer is only willing to pay an extra $500 for your home because you did it. It’s a frustrating reality.

When it comes to roof repair, the national cost recoup value is about 68%. So, you’ll get back most of the money you put into it — but not all of it. At the same time, if a roof is in bad enough shape, you may not get a single offer.

The short answer about whether you get your money back is no, but that doesn’t mean a roof repair is never worth it. The extent of the damage will likely inform your decision.

How Bad is the Damage?

Are we talking about a small leak in an otherwise healthy roof, or a roof that hasn’t been replaced in 20 years? If your roof is pretty new but a branch fell on it last season and caused some minor damage — that’s one thing. The repairs are usually worth it. Fixing a few shingles and sealant and airing out the drywall is relatively cost effective and it will ease the minds of buyers. Even a small water stain can make buyers nervous.

On the other hand, if your roof is very old and would cost more than $10,000 to replace, you may want to just reduce the price of your home and have the new owner handle it. You’ll probably pay more for the repair than you’ll recoup and you’ll have to carry the costs of the home while the repairs are ongoing. If you’re trying to sell fast, that could be a problem.

Finally, consider the condition of the rest of your home. Maybe you have a bad roof but the kitchen has undergone a total remodel and the bathrooms are modern and appealing to luxury buyers. In that case, it may be worth your money to repair the roof at any cost. You may not recoup the total roof repair costs, but you will make enough money on the sale to justify the expense. If your roof is representative of the shape of your entire home — you’re probably not looking at top-dollar buyers anyway and the repairs could be a waste of your stress, time, and money.

Will Anyone Buy a Home with a Leaky Roof?

Surprisingly, yes! There are buyers out there who will buy a home in need of roof repairs in Sacramento. A young buyer looking for a fixer-upper may be willing to take on the task, and all-cash buyers will also consider buying it. A company like California Family Homebuyers is used to buying homes in all sorts of conditions. A leaking roof isn’t a deal breaker.

If you sell to a person seeking a project or an investment buyer, you probably won’t make as much as you would on the MLS with a fixed roof. However, you will spare yourself the cost of an entire roof repair as well as the interior damage that the leak caused. You can also avoid spending weeks getting bids, negotiating contracts, and waiting for the repairs to be completed. You’ll be carrying the mortgage property tax, and other household expenses the entire time. Sell your home fast as-is, and you’ll be off the hook within just a few weeks.

If your home is in an attractive location with other good features, you could also try to sell it on the market in the hopes that the low price will start a bidding war. Just keep in mind that a buyer in this situation is more likely to get cold feet during the inspection process, even if you were up front about the roof condition.

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