Selling a Home in Sacramento with Code Violations

There are lots of reasons your Sacramento home could accrue code violations. The issue could be something as simple as having a broken door that’s not boarded up, or as serious as a porch that is hanging off your home.

When are you likely to receive a notice of violation? If it’s something visible from the street, you could be reported at almost any time by a neighbor or city employee working in the area. Basically, anytime your home looks neglected you risk being cited for creating a public nuisance.

But some code violations are a bit sneakier.

Maybe your home looks great from the outside but you added a back porch a few years ago and didn’t get the right permit. Or perhaps there is something that makes the home seriously unsafe that only a professional would notice (like foundation issues). In those cases, you may not be cited until you go to sell your home and the potential buyer gets an inspection.

Can you sell your home if it gets red flagged by the city? Here is some more information, including your selling options.

Next Steps After a Sacramento Home Code Violation

You’ll get a letter from the city if you have been officially cited for a code violation. The letter will outline which code(s) are at the center of the problem. From there, here are the common steps:

  • You have 30 days to either begin work on fixing the problem or appeal the violation with the city.
  • Once work begins in the repairs, they must be completed within 60 days.
  • Situations that are immediately dangerous may be given a shorter period for required completion.
  • If you received a punitive fine as a part of the code violation, you must pay it by the due date to avoid further penalties.
  • Confirm to the city that you have corrected the issues. A code enforcement officer will probably need to do an inspection once you report that you’ve complied with the city’s request.

What If Repairs are Too Expensive?

Some fixes, like mowing the weeds in your lawn or putting new panes in broken windows, aren’t so overwhelming. But there’s a good chance that major code violations exist in the first place because you couldn’t afford to do the repairs.

So, what do you do if you can’t afford to rectify the code violations? You will continue to get letters from the city and you could end up in legal trouble if you do nothing.

Here are a few options:

  • Refinance the home to afford the repairs. Do you have some equity in the property? Is it a rental property that is paid off? You have be able to get a HELOC to pay for the necessary repairs.
  • Walk away from the home. If you are already upside down in your mortgage and you can’t afford the repairs, you may end up in foreclosure and have to start over somewhere else.
  • Sell the home to an understanding buyer. You could sell your home as-is to someone who is prepared to fix it up and sell it.

Selling a Home in Sacramento, Code Violations and All

Your selling options are tricky when you have been red flagged by the city. The violations don’t just disappear because you transfer the deed — the new owner will have to fix the problems. You can either:

A) Sell the property “as-is” on the open market. This process can take a while, but if you price the home to factor in the necessary repairs, you could have some luck. Just remember that the city has a time limit on when you must fix the code violations.

B) Sell to a cash buyer. Investors who buy properties are often used to getting their hands on a home that needs a lot of work. They won’t shy away from a home with code violations as long as they believe they can fix it up and resell it.

Have you been hit with code violations? Are you ready to move? Contact California Family Homebuyers today!

We can give you an assessment of your home’s value and offer you a fair price. If we decide to work together, California Family Homebuyers can get you money in as soon as seven days! We are able to buy many homes with fix-it needs, so don’t hesitate to call just because your home has been red flagged by the city.

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