Should You Repair Your Pool Before Selling a Sacramento Home?

Sacramento summers are hot!  What better way to cool off than by jumping into your very own pool? As any buyer will tell you, many of the most desirable homes in Sacramento include an in-ground pool. However, the maintenance and repairs on a pool can be burdensome.

It’s easier than you might think to let a pool fall into disrepair. Just when you think you’re ready to list your property, an inspector could point out a costly recommended fix. Is it worth it to make pool repairs before you try to sell your home?

Let’s talk about common pool repairs and when it makes sense to repair your pool before you try to sell your home.

Should You Fix Your Pool or Let the New Owners Do It?


A leaky pipe can do a lot of damage. In fact, it could make your pool unusable. If you believe your pool has a leak, a professional will evaluate your system and find the problem. In as little as two hours, a professional can scan all pipes and locate the leak. You can expect to pay up to $500 for the scan. Once the leak is found, it will cost an estimated $500 to $5,000 to repair. If the pool is unusable, it could easily hinder a sale. On the other hand, if only cosmetic repairs are needed, you could lower the asking price slightly and let a buyer handle them as they see fit. 

Tile Repair

Pool tile can become cracked because you dropped something heavy on it, but it also wears down over time.  Both types of damage will affect the look of the pool. Many clients tell us they have a hard time locating a few tiles to replace the broken tiles. Some sellers are even advised by their real estate agents to re-tile the entire pool. This issue is tricky. If you have a great buyer who is being stubborn about you fixing the tile, it might be worth taking care of it. For the most part, however, if the rest of your yard and pool look great — it’s not worth fixing a few cracks in the tile before you sell.   

Plastering the Pool

You should expect to spend between $2,500 and $5,000 to replaster an outdoor swimming pool. If you have etching in your pool, replastering may be necessary to avoid algae growth and give your pool that nice, smooth feel.  A pool typically needs to be replastered every 7-20 years, depending on how well you care for it. If it’s been 25 years since you last plastered the pool, many buyers will want you to take care of it or discount your home to account for that expense. 

We Will Buy Your House AS IS

If you are not ready to spend money on pool repairs but want to sell your, no worries. We will buy your home AS IS, so there is no need to do any repairs or updating. We pay all closing costs and fees and we can close whenever you are ready. Want to enjoy your pool for a few more weeks? No problem. You tell us when you are ready.

Interested in receiving a no obligation offer from me? Call me today at 916-496-3737 and we can get started. I will ask you a few questions about the property and then provide you with an offer. Then I wait to hear from you regarding when you want to close.

For more information about selling your home in the summer, read our post “Guide to Throwing a Summer Open House in Sacramento.

Enjoy the rest of summer! I hope to speak with you soon!




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