Stop Doing That! 5 Ways You’re Alienating Potential Home Buyers in Sacramento

Are you sabotaging your own home sale without realizing it? Even well-intentioned sellers who think they’re doing everything right could be torpedoing a fast home sale. There’s more to selling a home quickly than dusting the counters and mowing the lawn. As it turns out, home buyers in Sacramento expect a little more.

Whether you want to sell your home on the open market or attract a competitive investor, here are 5 things you should stop doing if you want to sell your home soon!

Home Buyers in Sacramento Avoid These Red Flags

Home buyers in Sacramento know what they’re looking for, but you can convince them to change their minds if your home looks incredible. They might forgive you for only having 1 1/2 bathrooms if your back deck is incredible, for instance. On the other hand, your home could look right on paper but end up with zero offers if you fall into one of these pitfalls.

1. Your Home is Too Personalized

You love the white board wall you painted in your office. And that personal mural in the master bathroom? Chef’s kiss. But will buyers love these same features? Large family portraits and bold wall colors often make it harder for potential buyers to imagine themselves in your home. Keep uber customized elements to a minimum when you list your home — as much as it might pain your interior design heart, simple white walls and neutral floor coverings are best.

2. Your Asking Price is Unreasonable

This one falls in the “duh” category, but if your asking price is too high, buyers will notice right away. Some people price their home emotionally. You’ve put so much money into repairs and created so many wonderful memories that you want to receive top dollar — but those things don’t matter to buyers. You should consult with a professional before you come up with the right price. You may even have to lower your price to attract some initial interest and create a bidding war.

3. Signs of Your Pets are Everywhere

Even if the new owners are animal lovers, they won’t want to see signs of your four-legged family around every turn. Walking into a home and being hit with the smell of a litter box… isn’t great. Same goes for dog toys. You don’t want a potential buyer wondering how many pet stains exist on the carpet or if there are hidden wall scratches behind all the furniture. Try to hide major signs of your animals, including smelly dog beds, scratching posts, and puppy pads. And board your pets or take them for a walk during any open house and/or private showing.

4. You’re Using Amateur Photos in the Listing

Even though your iPhone takes pretty great photos, you can’t match the work of a real estate photographer. People who take home photos for a living know how to cast your rooms in the best light and make the home appear luxurious. 89% of home buyers (including home buyers in Sacramento) find photos very valuable when they’re searching for a home, so you want yours to look great!

If your home is clean, staged, and ready for the spotlight, it may only take an hour or so to get a series of professional photos taken. If your photo shoot brings in multiple offers, the investment will be well worth it. At the very least, in gives you your best shot of attracting highly-interested buyers.

5. The Curb Appeal Sucks

If someone drives up to your house and immediately sees weeds and chipped paint — they may never get out of the car. A lot of people scout neighborhoods and the exterior of a property before they ever request a viewing. If the outside of your home looks neglected, you’ll never know how many potential buyers don’t even give the inside a chance.

Looking for some low-cost ways to improve your curb appeal? A simply lawn mowing and deck washing will go a long way. Put some flower pots with fresh blooms on the front of your house. If you have a large flower bed along the side of your Sacramento home, fill it up some new plants and add some new mulch or dirt so all evidence of dead plants is gone. Ideally, you’ll also treat your property to a fresh coat of paint. If you can’t afford it, at least wash the outside of your home.

If you don’t want to deal with staging, photographing, and listing your home, you might be interested in an all-cash offer. Investors like California Family Homebuyers are here to offer you a fair price. Contact us online or give us a call at 916-496-3737 today!

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