DIY Home Projects to Build Property Value

Have some time on your hands and the desire to get the most bang for you buck when you sell your property? It’s time to become a DIY master. No, we’re not talking about decoupaging a new memory box. We’re talking about real upgrades to your home that will increase the sale price. Do-it-yourself home … Continued

How to Disinfect Your House During an Epidemic

Community illnesses are scary, whether it’s an annual flu or something more serious like the COVID-19 strain of coronavirus. You hunker down, stay home, and stock up on pasta so you can eat in for the next few weeks. The best advice is to stay home — but what if your home is covered in … Continued

What to Know About Spring Floods and Your Home

Spring showers are around the corner. Are you ready? Even if you don’t exactly live in a flood plain, you might be surprised at how quickly moisture can create serious damage in your property. In colder temperatures, snow melting combines with spring shower to create conditions that are prime for basement flooding and other issues. … Continued