What Happens To Your Sacramento Property After A Divorce?

Divorces are difficult. About forty to fifty percent of marriages ended in divorce last year, and the rate is even higher for subsequent marriages. If you are going through a divorce right now, you are probably wondering what happens to your Sacramento property after the divorce. Who Keeps The Property? This is something you and … Continued

How to Overcome Common Challenges to Selling a Condo

Selling your home can present obstacles for anyone, but selling a condo often has unique challenges. Stringent HOA rules, shared walls, and special lending woes are among the reasons you need to work with a realtor or independent buyer who understands condo sales. While selling a condo can be a headache, you can create smoother … Continued

How to Take Effective Real Estate Photos

Taking real estate photos is one thing. Taking photos that actually help you sell your house faster takes some strategy. Professional real estate photos can help you find a buyer 32% faster than a listing without professional snaps. Does that pique your interest? Fortunately, taking professional-level photos doesn’t necessarily mean hiring an outside. You may … Continued

Is 2020 a Good Time to Refinance Your Home?

Times are wild… in the world, and in real estate. You’re just trying to keep your job, stay COVID-free, and hopefully get in some physically distanced fun. And yet, the logistics of life keep moving along — such as home mortgage payments and student loans and other everyday financial details. If you want to refinance … Continued