3 Tips: How to Sell Your House Fast

Do you want or need to be out of your home, like, pronto? You’re not the first one to be in this position! In fact, we talk to a lot of homeowners who are trying to sell an inherited property quickly or got a job in another city and need to move within weeks. So, … Continued

Why Won’t My House Sell In Sacramento?

Are you trying to sell a Sacramento, California house that isn’t getting any offers? The real estate market is heating up. The people are practically shouting from the rooftops about multiple offers, high demand, and record-setting prices. So where’s your contract? These tips could be just what you need to help you sell your Sacramento home. … Continued

Selling a Home During a Divorce in Sacramento

More than half of all American marriages end in divorce, and owning property together can complicate the process of splitting up. If you’re about to cut ties with your spouse and you’re not sure what to do about your home: you’re certainly not alone. Many Sacramento, California residents need advice for selling a home during … Continued

4th of July Sacramento Home Sales: Things to Keep in Mind

Are you thinking of selling your home around the 4th of July? While we have described the benefits of selling during summer, the 4th of July holiday can be a particularly slow time. Families are busy celebrating and they may postpone making an offer or touring properties for a week or so. Let’s go over … Continued

How Do I Prepare to Sell My House in Sacramento?

You want to sell your Sacramento house, and you want to get top dollar. Excellent! But are you ready? It’s one thing to have plans to sell your home — and quite another to do it. There can be unexpected delays because of problems with the property, the current market, or other factors. If you’re … Continued