Our Top Posts About Home Sales in Sacramento

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller, navigating the real estate market alone can be a challenge. Luckily, California Family Homebuyers is here to help. We know the best way to sell a house because, well, we do it all the time. We buy homes in all sorts of conditions and then turn around and sell then to other qualified buyers.

Here are some of our most popular posts about home sales in Sacramento. Learn more about effective ways to sell your home, tips for selling a vacant property, when to know it’s time to sell now, and more.

Top Blog Posts About Home Sales in Sacramento

How Do I Sell My House? Use This Home Sale Checklist

Selling a home can be a headache. And if you’ve never done it before — where do you start? This blog post goes over what steps you need to take to unload a property fast. Tips include a list of professionals you need to contact right away and the type of paperwork you should have in hand when you list a home. Read on to get a crash course in what it takes to sell a home in Sacramento without getting lost in a sea of red tape!

Seller’s Guide to Choosing a Homebuyer

You might be tempted to take the first offer you get on your home — especially if you want to move fast. But there’s more to it than first come, first served. This blog post goes over the best ways to spot an ideal homebuyers. We discuss why you should be wary of buyers who are not confident about financing, how to target the right buyers, and more.

4 Ways Selling Your House Now in Sacramento Will Save You Money

Are you on the fence between selling fast to a cash buyer and waiting it out with a traditional sale on the market? In this post we go over why fast home sales in Sacramento can mean more money in your pocket. We discuss selling a home as-is, what goes into marketing costs, and other important factors. You might be surprised to learn that selling your home now can sometimes be more lucrative than trying to create a bidding war.

Tips to Sell a Vacant Home

Do you have an empty home on your hands that you’re ready to get rid of? How do you sell a vacant home? This post offers meaningful tips for how to make a vacant home appealing — instead of turning off buyers with its empty rooms. Some of our tips are quite illuminating (as in, you should invest in good lighting).

6 Signs It’s Time To Sell Your House in Sacramento

You’re not sure if you should sell your home. You made a pros and cons list, but you’re still riding the fence. These six signs you should sell your home might just help you make your final decision. If your house needs a lot of work, you simply don’t have enough space, or your financial position has chanced… you can guess what we’ll recommend. Read on to learn the other signs it might be time to move on.

My House is Not Selling: Now What?

You lit a few scented candles and vacuumed under the rugs. You even staged the rooms according to your agent’s recommendations. But when it comes to getting an offer… crickets. What can you do to move your property? In this post, we discuss what you should do if you can’t get a fair offer on your property. We discuss common reasons homes don’t sell fast and why you might want to consider alternatives to a traditional sale.

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