Is Adding a Pool to Your Home Worth It?

You can picture it now: You, in a swimsuit, laying on a pool raft with a drink in your hand. Summers in your backyard will be better than ever if you can add a swimming pool. But will adding a pool to your home really pay off? Sure, it might pay dividends in tan lines … Continued

Should I Build a Granny Flat in Sacramento?

In late 2019, the California state government passed The California Granny Flat Law (SB 1069, SB 229), along with Assembly Bills 2299, 2406, and 494. These bills are aimed at not only allowing but encouraging the addition of new units in homeowner’s backyards — secondary properties that are commonly called granny flats. Often used to … Continued

How to Calculate Home Equity

Knowing when to sell your home is a tricky business. One major factor, perhaps the most important factor, is timing the sale to maximize your equity. What does that mean? You don’t want to sell your home in July if it could be worth more in December (during which time you’ll also pay down your … Continued