How to Create Storage Space at Home

Store Stuff Between Garage Joints Do you have a garage with exposed beams or an unfinished basement? We call that an opportunity. Screw wire shelving just underneath the joints to create a shelf that you can fill with baskets, boxes, and tubs. Those extra lightbulbs and extension cords suddenly have a place to live. For … Continued

6 Signs It’s Time To Sell Your House in Sacramento

How do you know when it is the right time to sell your house in Sacramento? The decision to sell shouldn’t be taken lightly. In this post, we offer 6 signs to help you feel confident in your decision.  Determining the right time to sell your house in Sacramento is a big decision. You don’t … Continued

Tips to Sell a Vacant Home

Maybe you inherited a home from your Aunt Sue and her daughter gained possessions of all the belongings inside. Or maybe you were renting a home and your last tenants moved out. Either way, now you have a vacant home on your hands that you’re ready to get rid of. But how do you sell … Continued

Did You Have Trouble Paying Your Mortgage During COVID? What 2021 May Look Like For You in Sacramento

Did you have trouble paying your mortgage during COVID? It’s estimated that 400,000 homeowners who qualified for government-backed mortgage forbearance programs did not take advantage of the benefits and fell behind on their mortgages. Nationally, an average of 1 in 10 homeowners are behind on their payments. These homeowners are living daily fearing the possibility … Continued

Who Sets Mortgage Interest Rates in Sacramento?

You’re ready to sell your Sacramento home, but is now a good time to get a low rate on a new loan? Mortgage interest rates fluctuate throughout the year. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or buying a new home is old hat — understanding how mortgage rates work will make you a more savvy buyer. … Continued
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